EnduroShield – Glass Protection

EnduroShield is a durable and extremely long lasting glass protection treatment that can be applied to any glass surface, whether it’s new or old. It can reduce cleaning times by 90% and will stop dirt, limescale, soap scum and grime from bonding to the glass. It can also prevent scratches and prevent damage from cement slurry during construction projects. It is so robust that it has been tested to withstand 10 years of normal use and resists damage from some of the world’s best selling cleaning brands.

What is EnduroShield used for?

EnduroShield can be used to treat a number of surfaces within the bathroom, including glass shower doors and mirrors, porcelain basins and tiles, floor and wall tiling and more. It is also an excellent choice for commercial glass such as skylights and office glazing.

Unlike traditional glass coatings that can discolour, EnduroShield will not peel or yellow and is an environmentally friendly solution. It is water repellent and works at the molecular level to form a hydrophobic barrier that keeps minerals, dirt, oil, and other substances from adhering to the glass. It can also be used to protect glass from stains, corrosion, scratching and etching.

The EnduroShield system is easy to apply by your Aquaview representative, and can be added to any new glass pool fence panel order. The glass is first cleaned with an alcohol based pre-cleaner, then sprayed and wiped with the EnduroShield liquid using a lint free cloth. This simple maintenance will ensure your glass stays cleaner for longer and will save you time and money.

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