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detroit spirits

Metro Detroit distillery  it’s a small-batch gin that’s made from 13 botanicals, a small batch bourbon or a whiskey made on the farm, there are plenty of detroit spirits to try out. You’ll find them in a variety of venues around the city, from bars to restaurants, but one of the best is Two James Spirits, which opened last year as Detroit’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition.

Two James partners Peter Bailey and David Landrum are part of a growing movement in craft distilling that is taking off all over the country. They pay homage to Detroit’s rich distilling heritage with products like 28 Island Vodka, which is named for the 28 islands on the Detroit River that were used as hideouts by bootleggers during Prohibition. They also make the Old Cockney Gin and Grass Widow bourbon that are available at stores in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, and they have more bourbons and whiskeys on tap for future release.

Crafting Local Spirits: Behind the Scenes at a Metro Detroit Distillery

In a downtown Detroit neighborhood full of high-end restaurants, shops and bars, you’ll find a small tasting room for DCD, which is a new local distillery working to revive the tradition of Detroit’s craft distilling business with a modern twist. In their tasting you’ll find a highly curated, hand-crafted selection of spirits that are all made on site using a long, thoughtful, and meticulous approach to the process.

Harsens Island

Located on Harsens Island, a former boat house, the distillery uses unique distillation methods and barrel aging techniques to pay homage to the history of the area and its role during the Prohibition era. Their line of gins, vodkas, whiskeys and rums are all made from local ingredients.

Weiss Distilling Co.
34 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017, United States
Phone: +19294843932…

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